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We are a black-owned, COVID-19 startup.

Welcome to the Digital Strategy Group.

We are words people who understand how to use communication technology.

We can help you use the web, social media, and extended reality immersive video tech to tell better stories about your purpose, mission, and successes.

We see how SMBs can use AI without losing their souls.

We can help you sell more; whether you want to drop-ship, create content, or build a social commerce business.

We can help. Call or SMS 773-879-3538

Bright and Curious

``Intelligence is better applied when questions are asked`` is our motto. We like the sound of it because it describes us.

Unafraid to Think Big

If you're not thinking about how your business can scale, you need to go back to the beginning.

We Build Digital Things

If we haven't, then we know ``a guy``....

We Dig the Backend

Geeks at heart, we understand SEO, data, strategy and analytics.

Read our whitepaper below: “AI, XR and Disinformation: how communicators can succeed with and against today’s new technologies”

The Branches of Artificial Intelligence

In Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing

In Artificial Intelligence / Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning

In Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning


In Robotics

Computer Vision

In Artificial Intelligence / Computer Vision

Extended Reality: VR, AR & Mixed Reality

In Artificial Intelligence / Extended Reality


In Disinformation

About our Clients: Change197.Blue

In About Our Clients

Introduction: 14 Weeks

In Artificial Intelligence / Digital Strategy / Disinformation / Extended Reality

Machine Audition

In Artificial Intelligence / Machine Audition

Meet our talented & hard

working team.

The challenge of being a startup is relying upon yourself for just about everything at the beginning. So, we’re throwing off the Midwestern humility and acknowledging the differing roles this entrepreneur plays.

Sebastian James

Creative Director & HNIC

Sebastian James

Designer & HNIC

Sebastian James

Web Designer & HNIC

Sebastian James

Social Media Strategist & HNIC

Sebastian James

Disinformation Specialist & HNIC

Sebastian James

Artificial Intelligence & HNIC